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Mad Twoz Family : high roller, new video release

Igor Rembotte
Par Igor Rembotte 02/09/2013 - 12:31 

Mad Twoz Family : high roller, new video release

High roller is our new video showing the sxm life styles…but really showing the love and power that madtwoz got in Sandy Ground.

Be sure that we can be part of the change Sandy Ground needs. We could bring a lot to Sandy Ground if only we could get some help.

Everybody knows our music in Sandy Ground because we are from here, this is the real music of the youth and our videos illustrates parts of our life.

Bikes are part of that reality, talents are part of it too, so the video is basically showin the bike rider and the music “stars”. Enjoy and even if you don’t like RAP our if your culture can be chocked by the words… the beat, the music, the shooting, the production and the editing are part of our capacities and expression of our talent. Enjoy…